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Terms & Conditions

Updated at 2022-08-29

Purchase and Payment 

  • By clicking on the Purchase button, you expressly agree to our lawful operation between Edemy and our e-payment partner as well as warrant that the paying account being processed legitimately belongs to you.

  • Once we receive your purchase request, we will request pre-authorization on your paying account to ensure there is sufficient balance available to complete the transaction. The order will not be processed by Edemy's operation team until this pre-authorization check has been completed.

  • Your paying account will be debited once you receive Email Confirmation from us.

  • Edemy, via the Tesdopi App, accept the following Payment Methods: 

    • In-app Purchase via Google Playstore (Android) and AppStore (iOS)

    • ABA Pay

    • KHQR

    • Prepaid Coupon Purchase available in the ABA mobile application.

    • Users who do not have access to digital payment methods, can reach out to Tesdopi via our Facebook Page to make manual transfers via other payment methods.

Edemy does not have any other payment process aside from the listed payment method above or provided by the Tesdopi Facebook page, and is not responsible for any wrongful transaction.

Cancellations and Refunds

Users must request for refunds within 3 working days after the purchase. Refunds will be provided back to the user's paying account with a 30% transaction fee deduction. 


Request for refund made after 3 working days after the purchase will not be processed.

User Account Registration and Personal Data

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