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តេស្ត១២ TESDOPI

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Tesdopi Sales Commission - ASEAN (2).png
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Reverse Innovation

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In fact, you can learn anything!

Can't keep up with Math in class? Wondering how to apply what you learn in Physics to real-world problems?  Everyone is born to learn, and Tesdopi believes that we can all learn anything if we have enough time and resources. That's why we created Tesdopi, a learning platform that applies research-based pedagogy to help students learn better.
Tesdopi enables students to learn at their own pace and time, and to expand their learning beyond abstract theories and rote memorization. Our teachers are experts in the fields of science, social science, and education, including science enthusiasts, former Cambodian Olympiads, national math and science gold medalists, scientists, and Fulbright alumni.

Our quality and innovations have earned Tesdopi the "Best Social Innovation of the Year 2019 Award" from the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications of Cambodia and the "Startupper of the Year 2019" award from Total and most recently, the #1 spot in the Reverse Innovation Competition at the Techo Startup Center.

រៀនមេរៀន និង ធ្វើលំហាត់  ជាង 30,000 មាតិកា

Tesdopi provides students with a solution that is:

How to learn the Tesdopi Way

Students love learning with Tesdopi

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Our Partners and Client Schools

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